These words describe the work of MicahMalik, a Columbus, Ohio native raised in Virginia & Washington DC who calls Florida home for now. A nomad by nature, Micah flows through life miklike a cloud manifesting images from thoughts and life experiences into objective reality on canvas. Originally, he began to hone in his craft, in his senior year of high school. That craft was to be put on hold until he graduated from Technical college.

After feeling being a Techie wasn’t fulfilling he again started painting. The rest as he quotes,”Was my destiny.”As Micah’s reputation continues to grow, and so does the demand for his artwork. Even people who have never had much of an interest in art before find themselves captivated by Micah’s impressionistic realism themes of various cultures and ethnic eroticism.

Undoubtedly Micah’s popularity can be attributed not simply to his visual wit and panache but also to this appeal to our own escapist instincts.

On his extended visit from Los Angeles to Florida, Micah changed from soft & oil pastels to acrylic paints, applying them as a smooth surface of flat and brilliant color that helped to emphasize the pre-eminence of the images.

Realism is not an identifiable technique or style but an attitude, a view of the world that offers perception without artifice. Realism examines and represents the subject without isolating it from its surroundings.

The everyday reality that Micah paints is a selected experience. For the layman, subjectivity is a condition of perception. Our preconceived ideas of reality have clouded our objectivity in viewing reality. The ‘artist’s vision’, especially the New Realist vision, makes the relationships as simple and direct as possible.

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